Treatment of psychosomatic disorders

People often said that all diseases are caused by nervous stress. It is close to the truth. We face many problems and experience many stresses, which result in diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, peptic ulcer disease, colitis, migraine, psoriasis, etc. These diseases are called psychosomatic diseases, since they have both physiological and psychological symptoms.

If to treat only physiological symptoms of the disease, it may become chronic.

To recover, a patient shall either solve the life problems, or change its attitude to them.

A headache may be a sign of fear or excessive self-criticism, rheumatism may be a consequence of frequent resentments and sadness.

Do you feel a lump in throat? Do you feel burning in the body? Does your heart clench?

To relief psychosomatic symptoms, a combined approach is needed.

To learn more, please, refer to the department of psychosomatic disorders of the Republican Research and Practice Mental Health Center.

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