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Monitoring and preventive care

The final and stage-by-stage assessment of the activities helps to improve the quality of programs and interventions. The assessment is an important and obligatory part of health care planning and effective use of the assets of other ministries and authorities.

Key objectives of the Republican Research and Practice Mental Health Center:

  • to annually monitor the production and sale of alcoholic drinks in the Republic of Belarus;
  • to conduct opinion polls with a view to detection the reasons for alcohol use;
  • to annually study the health state and death rates associated with alcohol consumption;
  • to annually calculate the losses caused by alcohol consumption (according to the approved procedure) and to calculate the cost of medical, social and other expenditures related to alcohol consumption;
  • to carry out sociological and epidemiological assessment of the losses caused by alcohol consumption;
  • to annually assess the per capita loss associated with alcohol consumption in Belarus;
  • to annually assess the amount and ways of alcohol consumption among people of different age groups;
  • to analyse the efficacy of the activities carried out by various authorities to prevent a problematic and clinical alcohol use as provided for by the State Program;
  • to improve the alcohol addict data exchange system with a view to make therapeutic and preventive interventions more effective;
  • to inform the population on the problematic alcohol and alcohol dependence prevention services provided by the health providers;
  • to prepare annual reports on the spread of alcohol drink use in different regions of the Republic of Belarus;
  • to develop comprehensive measures for the prevention of alcohol abuse and assess their efficacy;
  • to arrange and coordinate the activities aimed at the prevention of a problematic alcohol use and alcohol dependence in the country;

to arrange and develop the international cooperation on the problems related to alcohol distribution and abuse.