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Medical services for foreign citizens

We officer diagnostics and treatment of mental disorders and dependences to foreign citizens on a paid basis

To learn more, please, contact us at +375 17 385 90 27;  +375 17 335 30 85

Our advantages:

  • advanced clinical trial site;
  • experienced staff;
  • competitive prices;
  • transparent pricing.

We provide the services in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of health. The standards comply with the global methods and principles of health care provision and proved to be effective. We offer staying in standard and in enhanced comfort wards.

Our specialists diagnose and treat all types of mental disorders, chemical and non-chemical dependences. We also may arrange an individual inpatient care.

The instruction “On the provision of medical care to foreign citizens, stateless persons, refugees” .

The procedure for hospitalization on a paid basis .

The procedure for the provision of a specialized medical care to foreign citizens .

Price lists for foreign citizens:

Indicative total price

Indicative price for treatment (treatment/examination + staying + meals) per day:

  • psychosomatic and neurotic disorders, from 96 BYN;
  • psychotic disorders, from 64BYN;
  • paroxysmal disorders and accompanied mental disorders, from 104 BYN;
  • alcohol-related disorders, from 120 BYN;
  • psychoactive substance-related disorders, from 92,8 BYN;
  • approximate price for individual inpatient care, from 96 BYN.